About us

Hello! My name is​ Claudia Calle and I do inspirational art.

After going thru a process of forgiveness and self-acceptance, I experienced emotional and physical healing. My illustrations are the result of this process.  I want to bring hope and inspire others to discover the highest and truest expression of themselves; living from inside out .

When I am drawing I am present. It is a beautiful process for me without judgments.  
It comes so natural that sometimes I feel like somebody else is doing it for me. 
It comes from my soul” 
Claudia Calle

For more information you can visit her website:  

The purpose of "My Inner Master" project is to share positive illustrations, healing words and practical tools to inspire you to connect with yourself and understand that all you need to succeed is already within you. 
Get inspired! Allow your intuition to guide you and be ready to discover your infinite qualities.
"Become your Inner Master"